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The Man Who Lied to His Laptop - What We Can Learn About Ourselves from Our Machines  - Clifford Nass, Corina Yen

Seeds: 30
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File Size: 217.49 MBs

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An Unnatural History - Elizabeth Kolbert

Seeds: 46
Peers: 10
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File Size: 274.95 MBs

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A New Biography - Naomi Wolf

Seeds: 31
Peers: 2
Completed Downloads: 246
File Size: 367.08 MBs

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The Faith Instinct - How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures - Nicholas Wade

Seeds: 30
Peers: 9
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File Size: 345.85 MBs

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory - George Musser

Seeds: 31
Peers: 8
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File Size: 283.37 MBs